Donna S.

Damsel In Distress Rescued By Knight In RELIABLE Armor "Hurricane Sandy" caused unimaginable devastation and sadness. I was one of the lucky people with a part of my house still remaining with a small window of time to return to gather the most important belongings. I immediately placed a call to George Vandelaar at Reliable Van & Storage an Agent of Allied Van Lines, who I prayed would pick up the phone. I was so relieved to hear his voice on the other end of the line. George was there for me AGAIN. You see George had recently moved me out and back into my primary residence on the New Jersey Shore a few months before Hurricane Sandy hit after a major renovation. I now needed him to quickly pack and orchestrate the transportation of my remaining belongings to a safe place. George not only moved mountains with his team to help me, but he was very empathic and positive. He went well above and beyond what would be expected of a mover. But then again George and the Reliable team are so much more than movers...they are real people with big hearts! I hope to be able to return to my home in 9 to 12 months once the services are restored. You can bet I will be calling George, my knight in Reliable armor for that!!!"
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