My experience with Reliable Van Lines was great! Prior to booking with Reliable, I spoke with several Moving Companies. They all were friendly and seemed to care about me and making my move easy. I then went online to check them out. Unfortunately, the friendliness they expressed was reviewed as a scam. I accidently ran into Reliable and was impressed with the reviews I read. My first contact was with George Vandelaar. What a great guy! He listened, he referred me to sites to check them out, and gave me a fair quote. I was impressed with the information he gave me and more importantly I was impressed with the reviews. My move was a little unusual for I was removing memorabilia from my mother’s home. My sisters were also doing the same. The unusual part was we had two different Moving Companies come to assist us. The men from Reliable were far superior to the 2nd moving company in respect to professionalism, friendliness, and attention to my wishes. They did a great job and demonstrated their knowledge of how to remove items from difficult location. Very impressive! I even had to bring an additional box to them after their departure. The cooperation I received was appreciated. I was contacted my Gina Gelo, my Relation Coordinator, who kept me informed as to when my items would arrive. I never felt alone and wondering when things would happen. We did have a little misunderstanding but that was mostly on my part. My cell phone, for some reason, was not working properly, and I missed several calls from the truck driver who was trying to keep me informed of his arrival. Even with this, the concern and attention I received was impressive. I finally did speak with the driver who reached me on my land line. He was great to work with. The logistics of my home was not right for the size of the truck; however, he made the experience a pleasure. He sized up what was required and took care of business. I can tell you I gave him a challenge that he was up to. I now have my memorabilia with me all in one piece. Nothing was damaged! My overall impression of Reliable Van Lines is a great one. I would not hesitate to tell my friends about them. Matter of fact, I have a friend who may be moving to England. I was told Reliable does international moves, and I plan on referring her to them. I look forward to working with George again in the future. Great job Reliable, and I thank you for a pleasant experience! Joan
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