Tips For Moving With Small Children From Local New Jersey Movers

Moving with Small Children – Tips From Local Movers in New Jersey

So, the big day has finally arrived! You’re very excited – and a whole lot nervous – about what lies ahead of you. Will the movers arrive on time? Is traffic going to be a nightmare? Are the kids going to drive you crazy? Will the dog bark incessantly? Of course, going through a move can be stressful. But, when you’re moving with small children, that stress can certainly mount a few notches. Add a pet or two, and suddenly you’re praying the day won’t end up a total disaster!

There’s no need to panic when you have professionals movers like Reliable Van on your side. Check out the following five pointers when moving with small children to turn your hectic day into an epic adventure.

1 – Surprise the Kids with a Fun Breakfast

Start the day off on a cheery note by surprising your kids with a fun breakfast. With a full tummy, they’re sure to be in a great mood. Plan this treat ahead of time by keeping what you’ll need, like pans and ingredients, altogether in one box.

2 – Reserve a Sitter

On moving day, you’ll need a sitter to mind the kids. Movers will be in and out, in and out, so it’s imperative to keep children away from all the action. Plus, you don’t want to run the risk of them getting hurt or wandering off. As such, make sure you’ll get help from friends or family members ahead of time or hire a babysitter.

3 – Older Kids Can Help Too

Older children who are responsible and mature can help out too by caring for the family pet during the hustle bustle. Not only will it give them a sense that they’re helping out, but it will also take their mind off of any nervousness they’re feeling on moving day. However, keep in mind that an excited child might very well be a less responsible child. If you feel the stress might be too much, you may want to ask an adult to step in and take over. Again, reserve your emergency sitter in advance.

4 – Let Kids Unpack their Room

All that nervous energy may need an outlet. So, why not have your child unpack some of their own belongings, to give them a sense of control over the relocation? They can decorate their room as they like, placing stuffed animals, toys, pictures, and treasured items where they prefer. If you feel that might be too big of a task for them to do on their own, dedicate some time to do it together.

5 – Stick to the Usual Routine

As much as you can, stick to your regular routine. Or, at least, try to have dinner and bedtime at the usual time to help them unwind at the end of such a hectic day. In doing so, you’ll also give them the comfort of knowing what’s to come and alleviate worry.

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