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May 31, 2011

It isn't often I go out of my way to send a positive feedback email to a company which has rendered me a service. In most cases, I consider them to fall into the category of a company doing their job. However, my experience with Reliable Van & Storage has led me to feel compelled enough to share the following wonderful customer service experience.

I stumbled onto Reliable Van & Storage while conducting some light research for moving van quotes prior to a recent move cross-country. At the time, I hadn't really considered a full-service moving company to be a viable option given my limited financial resources. In my mind, I had always just assumed that I would be charged a hefty premium to choose a moving company over a U-Haul or other truck rental service. So when I requested a quote, I did so more to confirm my suspicions than anything.

Shortly after requesting a quote, I was greeted with a phone call from a pleasant man named George. During our first call, George took the time to get to know me and ask some basic questions about my move. At that point, I felt as though there was enough potential to get a full estimate. George proceeded to ask me a series of thoughtful, detailed questions about the belongings in my household in order to provide me with a realistic estimate (in the end our original estimate was within 250 lbs. of the actual weight of the truck after everything had been loaded!). At no point during our conversation did George try push me to commit to make the move with Reliable, he only seemed interested in providing me with useful information to make a well-informed decision.

After some deeper digging, I came to the conclusion that hiring Reliable would actually be the most economical option for me after all. Following a series of phone calls in which George helped to alleviate any and all of my concerns, I informed him of my decision to go with Reliable for my upcoming move.

The next few weeks were rather stressful, as one could imagine of a single person coordinating a cross-country move. A couple of days prior to my scheduled loading date, my friend was to return a favor for me by dropping by the Reliable warehouse to pick up my moving boxes. This would give me just enough time to pack everything up the next day before the moving truck came the following morning. However, when that day came around, my friend conveniently informed me that he would not be able to take me to the warehouse. Stuck without the means with which to transport myself to Reliable's warehouse, I was left with no option but to call a taxi to take me for what would have likely been a $50 cab ride each way. Prior to calling the cab, I dialed George to let him know that they no longer needed to leave a note on my stash of boxes granting permission for my friend to pick them up on my behalf because I was coming up there myself. Our conversation went something like this:

"Hey George, my friend bailed on me this morning, so I'm calling a cab to take me over to the warehouse after work," I told him.

To which he responded, "You have to take a cab?! I don't want you to have to do that. You'll end up spending an arm and a leg on the cab fare alone. Tell you what, I'm about to head out of the office right now, and I know the area you live in well. Why don't I bring the boxes by your place on my way home?"

After assuring me that he was happy to do it, I obliged. George arrived at my apartment with boxes in hand shortly thereafter. I happily offered George a tip for his troubles and went on my way to start packing.

The rest of the story is what you would expect based on everything I've said about Reliable thus far. All of my things arrived on time and in the same condition in which they were packed. It was a truly stress-free and painless experience and everyone was great. From my moving coordinator Denise to the movers at my origin and the movers at my destination, they were all punctual, respectful, and efficient.

There have been few times in my life that I could point to as being a moment when I truly felt that an employee went beyond the call of duty to ensure my complete and utter satisfaction. This was definitely one of those occasions that I'll not soon forget.

If you are considering an upcoming move, I'd encourage you to give Reliable a shot. Their competitive prices and exceptional customer service may pleasantly surprise you.

Linds Panther, aka a very satisfied Reliable customer

November 16, 2010 - Robert,
I just wanted to provide some feedback on my recent move from New York to California. Generally, I would say the move went very well, and I was pleased with the process.

Initially, Anthony did a great job of taking inventory of my place. He was very efficient, and explained all of the details of the moving process thoroughly. His thorough and efficient approach was the main reason I selected Reliable over your competitors (I had one other company come in as well). The process was handled smoothly. The movers arrived on time, and the billing was as expected.

The movers themselves did an outstanding job. Matt and his crew were very speedy, were considerate of our building and were very clean in their approach to moving our furniture (using rugs and padding to protect things). I was particularly impressed with how fast Matt was able to deliver the furniture cross country (Mon. - Sat.). It was also very helpful to have the same movers on both ends of the move (I can't emphasize this enough). No excuses about what the guys on the other end did wrong -- Matt handled it all from start to finish and took full responsibility for everything.

Our furniture was handled with care - and held up very well. He disassembled and re-assembled things as required. We did have a few small items broken (a lamp, a serving tray and some glassware). But I haven't had a move where something hasn't been broken. Generally though it went very well.

So all-in-all I was very pleased.
Some suggested improvements. I do recall in the initial meeting with Anthony he indicated that Reliable would provide unlimited free boxes. On the day of the move, we didn't have as many as I would have expected. Fortunately, my wife and I had pre-packed almost everything, so it wasn't a problem. But we could have been caught with our pants down if we hadn't had as much pre-packed. The other thing I might suggest is that the movers highlight that if you have anything that is especially fragile that they pack it for you or perhaps that they can put it in a special place on the truck. We did almost all of our own packing, and probably should have let the movers some of the more fragile stuff (part our fault). But if they specifically highlighted that they could set aside boxes that had glassware or could store/transport it separately (or on top of other boxes), that might have helped us save some breakage.

Generally though, we were very happy. Please feel free to give me a call if you have any more specific questions.
My cell is (917) xxx-xxxx.

Erik Wayda

November 1, 2010 - George,
I'd like to thank you, Denise and the team at Reliable Van and Storage for your superior work in moving my dining room furniture from Union to Oklahoma. It arrived last week on time and in perfect condition. As I said in the post-move survey, I couldn't have asked for better service, especially considering the short notice of this move. You have made me a fan, and I'll be sure to spread the word about Reliable.

Ken Konicki

October 22, 2010 - Robert,
May I say that our move from Northern New Jersey to Cape Cod was as promised ~ professional, on time and an overall good expereince. We experienced no difficulties - excluding the rain delay - which was a blessing in disguise. It gave us unscheduled rest. All of your staff members were the best and smoothed out any difficulties. We were more than happy with your service and the professional dedicated workers that you assigned to each level of our moving activities. We highly recommend your company.

Matt and Sandra Labriola

October 12, 2010
Move went well - crew was great ....thanks!


Kim H.

October 7, 2010 - Peter,
I want to compliment your entire staff on making our move last week a pleasure.
It all started with Julian visiting the house to take an inventory of our possessions and also making himself available afterwards to answer some questions. Then, on moving day, Tang, Dan, Matt, Ron and Jorge showed up on time, were polite and courteous, and worked diligently all day to load the truck. The same professional approach was taken when unloading the truck. If there is any move in my future, I will have you guys on speed dial and would not hesitate to recommend Reliable Van to any friend or family who moves.

Thanks again to everyone for the hard work and attention to detail.


Corey Seckular

September 1, 2010 - Dear George,
I just wanted to let you know that the move went very smoothly. The three-person team led by John prepared everything very carefully. No furniture was scratched or marred because of the care in blanketing and taping. It was a long day for everyone but your people maintained an upbeat attitude.

Thank you for your excellent work and availability when questions arose.


Barbara Labatt

August 18, 2010 - Hi Howard,
We heard from all companies that you had come highly recommended. We got quotes from Fast Moving and Reliable. Although both companies seemed very qualified, we hired Reliable because they seemed to be more experienced. Grover Freideman who gave us our initial quote was very responsive to our questions. The management and administrative staff (Grover and Denise Brennan) were very organized and professional. The loading and delivery crews did a good job, despite the hot summer heat. I must mention that the crew who loaded our belongings on Monday August 2nd was exceptional. I wish I could remember all of their names, Kamal was the supervisor of the crew that day. They were obviously very experienced.

I am copying Denise and Grover on this message too. Please pass this on to your management.
Thanks to all,

Laura LaMontagne

July 26, 2010 - Hi George,
I just wanted to let you know that we really appreciated all the movers' hard work last week.
The team was a pleasure to work with. Thanks again for everything!


Mrs. G.
I just wanted to let you know that Grace and the gentlemen from Reliable Van Storage Co., Inc. were very helpful in reference to moving the crates with most of the items in Anthony Barsanti's office yesterday, Monday, June 14, 2010. They were prompt, quick, efficient and organized. The crates were taken from Anthony's office on the 39th floor and placed in his office on the 38th floor in a very organized manner as the crates were placed near the file drawers of the information that was written on the notes on the outside of the crates (i.e.- top file drawer right side, bottom file drawer left side) which made it easy for me to know where to place the items and not to have to lift or push the crates to specific areas around the office. GREAT JOB!!! Thank you again.

Nancy Sharperson

I was very satisfied with the service provided by Reliable Van in my first move that I decided to use their service again. Reliable Van worked very hard to accommodate my move given the short notice. I contacted them on Monday and that Friday, my move took place. I asked for the same crew, Kamal and Abey.

They're great! They arrived as scheduled. They were courteous, professional, and above all, handled my belongings with care ( just like the first move). My things were delivered within our scheduled time frame. My boxes were neatly stacked. The best part was that when it came to billing, the price was the same as what we had discussed. No surprises. Thank you very much to Denise and Julian for coordinating this within such a short time frame...and of course, to Kamal and his crew. They are truly "Reliable".

Angie Perez

Dear Denise and Peter, It's so nice to hear from you. Life a been Topsy-turfy here in our new home. New challenges, new life but no snow so we are definitely grateful for that.

Our Allied move couldn't have gone any better then it did. Our driver was superb on both ends and so were the men who helped him load and unload the truck.It was a very emotional time for myself and Joe, but we have landed on our feet and my husband is finally off his in his new couch enjoying a glass of wine... LOL

I took the survey from allied and gave them more info than they probably needed. I explained to them our Denise picked up the pieces after our initial sales person left his job. I went on to tell them how you saved the sale and how if it wasn't for the both of you my move could have been a disaster... I gave you the highest score allowable. I hope by now you have gotten feed back from them.

Choosing Allied and Reliable over the competition was the best decision my husband and could have made. From free packing materials to the ultimate in service and professionalism, you met and exceeded our expectations. Only 3 items arrived broken; the first two platters I packed without the knowledge you shared and a plague that I hastily packed at the end on moving day.

I feel so fortunate to have found you and i wish I could help others who face the same decision when dealing with the emotions of moving whether near or far.

Please let me know if there is any way to share my experience with Reliable.
If you are ever in Vegas please let us know! we owe you a dinner!
Best regards,

Rose and Joe Harrington

Mr. Toscano,

I want to commend your employees with the outstanding service I received recently with a sudden move I had to make for my son! I gave your company only a two day notice and everything went so smooth it was unbelievable. I met with Kevin Michaels on a Wednesday afternoon. He was pleasant and understanding in regard to the sudden move. The movers showed up promptly at 8:00 a.m. on Friday morning as promised. The movers, Mark, Nick and Craig were pleasant and worked as quickly as possible. They are excellent workers and made me feel safe and relaxed from the moment I met them. Denise Brennan was in contact with me throughout the entire process and very polite. Melba who answered the phone when I first called was very patient and pleasant.

Thank you for the excellent experience move with your company. You are the best!!

Mary Ann Callery

Hi Denise,

I am really not one to write thank you notes in addition to a telephone thanks but I could not let this go so easily even though it has been a little over two months since our BIG MOVE!

Firstly, Reliable really does live up to its' name. Every appointment and phone call was always on time. Even unexpected, prior to our move to see if we needed anything, on the day of the move, Denise you took the time to call to see how we were doing. I thought that day was going to be a horrible, emotional stressful day. To our surprise it wasn't at all. Thanks to an amazing crew, Tang, Ron King and December. They were all so pleasant, so helpful, ready to assist in anyway they could., Knowing they were all so competent made us relax during this crazy time.

I truly cannot believe it is over and we still consider the crew to be friends of ours and we will never forget them. It may sound strange that I feel this way, to be so appreciative, this move was a dreadful nightmare and Kevin Michael's, Denise, Tang, Ron King and December made it a dream come true for us. It was a perfect moving experience if there ever was one.

I did interview other companies, but Kevin's' easy way and pleasant attitude made me feel comfortable and at ease. Apparently, my instincts were right! That is the way the whole day went nice and easy!

Thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts for making our move a wonderful day to remember.


Marilyn & Vincent Fogliano

Dear Denise, Maria & Kevin

Just a quick note of thanks for the overall excellent service and the smooth transport of my mother's shipment to Berlin. It is rare these days to experience such a professional process from A to Z, you are a really superb professional team!

Thanks again & Happy New Year!

Bettina Neidhardt

Dear Peter,

Approximately one year ago your moving team arrived at my home to begin moving our belongings to your facility while we relocated to my in-laws house during this housing crisis. I remember Chris packing our dishes, children's toys, bikes and our personal effects that he had gathered as a family for 13 years. My wife was nervous and concerned that we were sending our belongings to a storage facility with the hope that someday we could be reunited with them again.

Knowing that your company is trusted by not only my employer, Vomado Realty Trust but the fact that I have been able to meet and interact with dozens of your staff during their moves in and out of our facility in Paramus made me very confident.

I am pleased to inform you that the teams that moved me out and moved me in were exceptional and professional all the way from Denise on the scheduling to Chris on the move-in move-out teams. This weekend we unpacked our last box and would like to report that not one item was damaged or broken.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for a job well done and I will most definitely recommend your company to anyone that is considering a local or commercial move.

Thank you to you and team, enjoy the holidays.


Todd and Kelly Januzzi

Peter Toscano

I want to thank you for the excellent service we received from Reliable Van, concerning my mother's move.

From the beginning your sale representative demonstrated his knowledge by bringing to our attention several aspects of moving that we would not have thought about. I was impressed with his use of technology during the survey of our household items and the efficiency and accuracy of the electronic estimate.

At the time of his visit we were unsure if we needed storage for a period of time and he showed us on the computer your outstanding storage facilities, which we ultimately used.From the time we booked with your coordinator she was in constant contact with us throughout the process. She was so helpful during this stressful time. The move itself was flawless. Upon arrival your in charge introduced his crew to us and they took every precaution to protect the rugs, doorways and handle our goods carefully on both ends of the move. They were just fantastic.

Congratulations to you on running a fine customer focused business. Be assured that I will gladly recommend Reliable Van.

Albert Del Maestro, Jr.

Senior Vice President & Wealth Management
UBS Financial Services

Hello Denise,

We are settling in to our new digs, and we didn't want too much time to pass before we provided our analysis and comments of our move from Leonia, New Jersey to here.

From the first estimate we received from Mr. Toomey right on through the truck leaving our home up here, every aspect has been a highly efficient and competent experience. You have been excellent throughout; Mike and the workers, Will, Dave, Charles, and the 4th person who was only available for 1/2 a leg of the trip, I think his name was Darnell were absolutely superb. They worked endlessly, with good spirit and thoroughness. Pat Toscano and Reliable need to be proud of having so many fine, cooperative staff members.

Someone once said that besides death of a spouse, a child, or divorce, moving is one of the most stressful events in a person's life. Since we'd not moved in more than 45 years, we were anticipating the worst. But, it never happened. Our entire experience with Reliable has been a positive and joyous experience.

Please be sure that Pat is informed about our respect and appreciation for Reliable and the whole crew from office to truck operations. Several people have asked us who did our move, and we quickly point out your company to them. At this point all we can say is thank you, thank you, thank you.

Best wishes for the future. If you or any of the other Reliable staff are ever in Rockport, Massachusetts, please contact us and come over for a visit. You are wonderful human beings.


Joseph and Lois Muzio

Hey Christian,

Your guys were great! Very painless move. Would love the same crew when I move back to the area. Will keep you posted. Thanks!


Thank you for your well-wishes, Robert. We are doing well and loving the weather here. Everyone with reliable was wonderful and professional. Chris was very helpful and Denise was just lovely. Also the moving crew was meticulous with our things, I especially want to mention that the crew down here was just awesome and so considerate and eager-to-please.

Thank you again for your concern and help with our move!

Best Wishes


Peter, I am writing this email to tell you what a wonderful experience it was working with Mike Durkin, Frank Mullholand and their crew. These gentlemen were ALWAYS professional and accommodating. We worked in snow and ice and long, freezing hallways and tiny elevators. But because of this crew and my crew from California, this move was completed in a timely manner with NO hiccups.I would recommend Mike and Frank and their crews to anyone with a relocation in the New Jersey area. I certainly hope to have the opportunity to work with them again.

You should be very proud of this group of men. It has certainly been a pleasure to me to meet and get to know all of them

Thanks and Happy Holidays Have a great day!

Linda Howes

Corporate Facilities Manager


First of all, I liked to express my thanks to the professional service of your crew and driver & co driver of the truck the way they performed the job.

The job was done in a time frame which I had my doubts if they would make it. Kindly thank them again, and also to you in order to coordinate all the pieces together.


Robert Tjong Akiet


Just wanted to compliment Denise Brennan on a job well done! We moved from NYC to Venice, California, a very challenging endeavor, but Denise was consistently there to guide us through the move. In my experience good employees are difficult to find and retain, Denise is one of those rare people who obviously devotes tremendous energy and caring towards her job.

Denise communicated with us on a regular bases, returned messages timely, and offered empathetic and caring words that made us feel better. Yes there were some challenges (expected in such a move) but Denise was amazing at turning "lemons into lemonade". To me the measure of an organization is how mishap can be corrected, and turned into quality customer service. Reliable is an excellent organization made even better with employees like Denise Brennan on board.


Stephen R. Sergi

Clinical Professor
College of Business Administration
Loyola Marymount University

Hi Denise,

We just wanted to write to let you know how satisfied we were with the personal service we received for our move from Nj to AZ. We would appreciate it if you would forward this email to the supervisors to whom you, Christian Oehm, and Tim ( I don't remember his last name) report.

As our first introduction to Reliable Van and Storage, Christian was most professional in his presentation of the services provided and estimate for our move. In addition, your attentiveness to the details and progress of the move from start to finish was most commendable. It was comforting to know that we could count on you to call often to check on the status of the move. Last but certainly not least, Tim's outstanding level of expertise and problem solving skills made our move go extremely smooth. He "saved the day" on more than one occasion.

Thank you to all of you for helping to make what is usually a very stressful occasion much less so for the both of us. Job well done!


Elaine and Steve Herman

Dear Peter:

I am writing to thank you for the Outstanding job Reliable Van & Storage Company did on executing Novartis' recent office reorganization. The complex project included moving over 460 individuals between three buildings. The project had minimal impact on our business operations and was a huge success. The project would not have been so successful had it not been for our partnership with Reliable.

Specifically, I would like thank Mike Durkin for his leadership and Mike Childs, Tommy Mazzola and Roberto Alverez for their dedicated work. Reliable's team was the most professional and customer focused that I have ever worked with. While they worked independently, I was able to count on them to make sound decisions in the field and keep me informed when the situation warranted. I received numerous comments from Novartis employees on how helpful and professional the entire team was.

This was my first. time using Reliable and I must admit that I had some hesitation at the beginning of the project. That hesitation quickly vanished once I started working with Mike Durkin. Bonnie Southern and 1 were quickly able to trust Mike and count on him to handle any unexpected issues and get the job done.

It was a pleasure working with your company and I look forward to partnering with Reliable on future projects. Thanks for a job well done !

Best regards,

Dan Nolan

Associate Director Facilities


We just had to write this letter to tell you how pleased we were with our recent move from New Jersey to Texas. Your wonderful salesman- Kevin Michaels really took the stress out of moving for us. He was very pleasant to deal with, very accommodating and very accurate as to assessing the cost of our move. There were no hidden costs. No pressure.

Moving day was a breeze and the movers themselves were unbelievably punctual, thorough and speedy. This team was headed up by a guy named Henry (Agent 01860) from Pennsylvania. He met us in Texas and unloaded in the same efficient manner. He and his group were very courteous as well.

We don't like to move but you guys make moving a pleasure. We have already recommended Kevin and Allied Reliable to all our friends. If we ever have to move again we're coming to you guys again, if you will allow us. With all the horror stories one hears about movers, we don't want to take any chances. You guys are the best!


Michael and Lora Hanna


I wanted to thank you and your staff for the great job coordinating our move from Baltimore to Boston. Having never used a moving company before, we didn't know what to expect, and I must say that we feel generally accustomed to getting poor service. However, we were amazed at how professional, courteous, and hardworking your staff was. Despite a several hour delay (beyond their control) in getting to our house in Baltimore, Will and Dave had 80% of our house packed within about 4 hours. On the load-in and load-out days, Mike, Will, and Dave did an amazing job, and we felt that they treated our belongings better than we would have treated them ourselves. We hope we are in a position to recommend Reliable Van & Storage to our friends in the future.


Ray Pagliarini and Katherine Whang

Dear Ms. Brennan,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all of the time, effort, and care you put into making sure my late mother's furniture got to me all the way from the south of France. The process would have been so much more complicated without the complete door to door service you and your company provided. Also, your understanding of the emotional importance of these goods left me feeling like they were safe and being well looked after. It was a pleasure working with you and you can be sure that I will contact you in the future with any other moves.


I am writing to tell you what a terrific job your entire team did on my move.

From the very start it was incredibly well done. Shamra was very professional and through setting it all up in the beginning as well as keeping tabs on everything throughout the process.

Louis Gonzalez, driver # 45280, his key associate Danny and the rest of his crew did an outstanding job with the actual move and unpacking. They were good-humored, professional, careful, and incredibly respectful at every turn. Their attention to detail was also noticeable- as an example, whenever they would pick up a light colored cloth couch or chair they would wash their hands first- I have never seen that-very well done!

I appreciate your team doing such a great job for us. Thanks again.

All the best.

Jim O'Connor

Managing Partner


First of all, thank you and Christian for all of your help. Manny and I are extremely happy with the job that was done. We will certainly will recommend your company to all of our friends. Thank you for making our move so pleasant!

Emilee and Manny Cruz

Hi Sharmra,

I was hoping to get an official letter out by regular mail, but things are still way too busy here. I just wanted to send a special note to say Mike and his crew did an awesome job moving us. We hired you because we believed you would be careful with our home and belongings. We were so happy with the crew you sent. We will be sure to recommend you to anyone we know that moves. Please make sure the compliments for Mike and his crew get into the right hands. We are very appreciative that they were so careful with all ofour belongings.


Suzanne Kadish

Dear Shamra:

I wanted you to know that the packing and loading ran to schedule. And your crew did a great job under foreman Asanka. Denise Brennan helped ensure that the key people were on the job for all 5 days - which was very helpful.

Thank you for bringing in the donuts on day 1 - the crew appreciated your consideration.

The packing job done by your crew was among the best I have seen. My compliments to Reliable on a job well done.

Thank you.


Hi Renee

This is just a note to say that our household possessions have been delivered and unpacked. So on behalf of myself and my family we would like to give you a big "Thank you" for your involvement in organizing the shipment

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