As the holidays approach we have so many things on our minds…shopping, families, parties, oh my!

We rarely take the time to remember that the best present we can get is the gift of having our loved ones by our side to celebrate with. As the weather gets colder and the roads become slick, it is important for drivers to take precautions while on the road. We suggest a few safety tips that our drivers should use in order to get home in time to open presents:

  • Make sure to clean off all exterior car lights and turn them on so they are visible to other drivers
  • Increase your normal following distance and slow down by a few car lengths so you have some extra stopping time in case one of Santa’s reindeer decide to make a run for it
  • You may be daydreaming of a warm island vacation but please don’t use the cruise control on icy roads!
We understand that if the roads are unsafe for travel, we encourage all trucks to pull off the road and shut down until the weather clears for safe travel.  This way we can ensure that everyone returns home safe and sound for the holidays.

Happy holidays everyone and be safe!