From the start, Reliable has proudly sported the colors of orange and black as the symbol of our agency. Anyone who has dealt with us can attest to that; however, they might not be able to see all the green that has been slipping in to our company!  Being proud recipients of the Pan American International Movers Association Ecology Award, we have been going green for a long time. We have made significant strides over the years to accomplish this goal. Here are a few practices we use:

-          We purchased two industrial recycling machines; one is a wood auger and the other a cardboard baler.

-          Upon completion of every move, all debris is brought back to our warehouse where it is separated into recyclable categories, new cartons used on a move that remain in good condition are recycled to shippers encouraging the multiple use of these items.

-          Instead of disposable, non-biodegradable tape, we utilize industrial strength reusable rubber bands to wrap blankets around furniture.

-          We are practically a paperless office. Any paper that is used is recycled, and all paper supplies are from recycled sources. As of January 1 2013, pay stubs are only accessed electronically.

-          Some of our employees telecommute. This eco-friendly tactic limits the use of fuel from traveling back and forth to our headquarters.

-          We have upgraded many parts of our truck fleet to trucks that are more fuel efficient and burn cleaner. We also use synthetic lubricants when possible to cut down on our waste oil and to enable our machines to operate more efficiently.

-          All of our lighting has been retrofitted with high efficiency lamps reducing our electric consumption by fifty percent. They automatically turn off when no activity is present.

At Reliable, we realize the importance of doing our part to save the environment, and with the adoption of these techniques we are confident that we are making a difference!