Staying off the roads can be a recipe for cabin fever and extreme boredom, but there are some pretty fun things to do at home that make staying in more enjoyable.

Outdoor activities:

-          Make a snowman. Think of something unique and fun…you can even take pictures of your creation and send them to a Snowman Contest to spice things up.

-          Go sledding and snowshoeing in a nearby field or wooded area near your home.

-          Make snow tunnels and snow angels on your front yard.

-          Take pictures. The best thing about a snowstorm is its beauty, so get out there and take some nice scenic shots before the plows pave the roads.

Indoor activities:

-          Finish writing thank you notes for your Christmas/holiday gifts.

-          Bake. Nothing tops off a winter storm better than some fresh baked cookies and a hot cup of cocoa.

-          Clean. Cleaning can be fun, and how often do you have your whole family around to help? Lure the kids in by playing music and making little contests, like who can clean an area the fastest, etc.

-          Arts and crafts.  Pick your favorite arts and crafts project and get to work!

-          Turn off electronic devices and bond with your family.

Believe it or not, a blizzard during winter is the best time to connect with your family and engage in some fun indoor activities:            

  • Play board and/or card games. If you have a board game or a deck of cards, break them out. It’s an entertaining way to pass time, and everyone is involved.
  • Watch movies.  Cuddle up with your loved ones under a blanket, grab the popcorn and put on that movie you’ve been saving for a rainy day.
Safety comes first during a blizzard. Your best bet is to relax and enjoy doing simple things that don’t take too much effort. After all, that effort will be needed later on, when the blizzard is over and the shoveling begins!