Moving day brings a lot of stress and chaos. There’s your favorite couch, your brand new flat screen TV, closets filled with clothes and shoes, and everything in between to worry about; the last thing on your mind is the years’ worth of nonperishable canned goods that you’ve yet to make use of. To you, these goods are immaterial compared to the rest of your household items, but to millions of starving Americans, these represent much more. That’s where Move for Hunger comes in.

Reliable Van & Storage is a member of the Move for Hunger association, a non-profit organization that deals with moving agencies across North America to collect non-perishable food items from those who are moving and distribute them to those in need.

   On the day of your move, we will pack up these items in special boxes labeled “Move For Hunger” and deliver these boxes to the local food bank, at no cost to you or the food bank. Let’s face it, on moving day you know you will throw out a bunch of things, including nonperishable food items… so why not give these goods to a family in need?