As declared in our mission statement, Reliable realizes the importance of keeping up with technological advancement and perpetual innovation. For example, to improve efficiency, Allied recently sent us Tablet computers that we installed in each of our long haul tractors.

Here are just a few of the benefits of these PCs:

- We are now able to send trip and shipment details directly to our drivers’ Gmail accounts. This tool is helpful because it not only saves time, but it eliminates errors that may arise by verbally discussing this information over the phone.

- Drivers have access to instant updates regarding upcoming trips.

- Our dispatchers can more accurately track our drivers.

- Google Maps provide an aerial view of the imminent job site.

Each tablet is equipped with convenient applications, including:

- Apps to find accommodations such as the nearest hotels and truck/fuel stops

- CAT certified scale locator –this tells drivers where the closest scale is based on their current location

 - Weather apps which especially come in handy during the winter season

Soon, these computers will permit dispatching functions. This means that drivers will be able to accept or reject trips, update their trips, and complete their logs electronically.