Katelyn Harris is a member of the non-profit organization Star City Soap Box Derby, which is a youth racing program that is geared toward teaching children the basic skills of workmanship, perseverance, and the spirit of competition. Katie is 12 years old and lives in Botetourt County Virginia. Not only is she an honor roll student, but she is a natural on the race tracks too! She drives her very own gravity powered stock car that she and her family built.  This year, Reliable Van & Storage has the honor to support Katie on her journey to winning first place at this year’s national championships. Derby Downs, in Akron, Ohio, has been the home track of the All American Soap Box Derby since the late 1930's.  Tons of people come every year to the “Downs.” There are three car divisions, each having a different type of car: Stock, Super Stock, and Masters. Katie will be competing in the stock car division, which is designed to give the first-time builder a learning experience. In order to participate in the world championships, you have to earn your spot. This means you have to participate in local races and earn enough “points” to be eligible. Most races are held as one double and one single elimination race on the weekends. Katie started racing in early March to earn the points to qualify for nationals. Not only did she meet the requirements, she took 2 place in the double elimination race and 1 place in the single elimination race! Last July, she participated in the Derby Downs and took 3 place (in the world) for the stock car division. This year, we are sure that she will take 1! Best of luck Katie... and remember, you're a winner no matter the outcome!