Don’t become a victim; research the mover BEFORE you hire them to avoid scams. This guide will help you find a moving company that you can trust with everything that you own and feel safe in your decision.




-  While researching moving companies, make sure that you choose one with at least 10 years of experience. Reliable Van & Storage has been handling domestic, international, corporate, and commercial relocations since 1932.

-  Set up an appointment for an in-home estimate. Don’t accept a mover that doesn’t come to your home; low prices quoted over the phone or on the Internet can be changed on moving day. Beware of the lowest price, if the quoted price seems too good to be true, it probably is! A mover is allowed to change the price if any circumstances change that was not included in the original price.

-  On the day of the survey, ask questions about the difference in pricing since it may have to do with things like: what services one company provides that another does not, the amount of insurance included, or valuation of your goods.

-  During your in-home estimate, ask the sales representative questions about the company’s background. Get as much information as you can; ask questions like: How long have you guys been in business and where are you located? What is the URL address of your company web site? What are your DOT and MC license numbers? Write down the salesman’s responses and use the internet to verify these answers later on. For instance, visit and use the DOT and MC (multi-combination) license numbers that the salesman provided you with to make sure that their company has both the license authority to perform your move and the insurance to make it legal.

-  Every moving company is legally required to provide consumers with a "Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move" booklet. If you are not given this booklet, move on.

-  Make a quick check with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).  Call up the BBB office and ask them about the number of complaints that your company has on file. You will be pleased to find out that Reliable Van & Storage has maintained an A+ rating since 2009.

-  You should also check if the company is a member of any not-for-profit trade associations that provide education, instruction and training for movers and to assist consumers about State and Federal Regulations for moving. A primary goal of these types of organizations is to rid the state of unlicensed and illegal movers. Reliable Van & Storage is a member in good standing of both the New Jersey Warehousemen & Movers Association (NJWMA) and the New York State Movers & Warehousemen’s Association.

-  You can also call the FMCSA's Safety Violation and Consumer Complaints hotline at 1-888-368-7238 and ask them about the complaint history of your moving company. They are open from 10am to 6pm EST Monday through Friday and it's worth the call.

-  If possible, you should take the time to visit the moving facility to make sure that they really are who they claim to be. While there, check out their trucks and storage space. Make sure that their trucks are permanently marked with the company’s name. Things to note 3about their storage facility includes: orderliness, size, and whether or not it is temperature controlled.  Reliable Van & Storage is conveniently located off exit 13A of the NJ Turnpike.

-  If anyone other than the moving company that you hired shows up on moving day, fire them on the spot.

-   Carefully read all documents before you sign them. If you are confused about anything, ask. Take your time, and don’t ever sign blank forms! Be sure you receive a copy of everything you sign, and keep it safe until the move is finished.



When it comes to moving, remember this: there are some decisions in life that are more important than money. Rather than giving everything you own to someone you don’t feel comfortable with just to save a few bucks, do your research and choose quality movers that you can trust with your most valued belongings.  Choose RELIABLE movers.