For those of you who are in the process of moving, you know how crucial packing tape can be. Using your teeth or a pair of scissors to tear tape can be awfully tedious, not to mention dangerous! Below are two different ways of tearing tape using just your hands; these simple techniques make the packing process much quicker and easier.

Method #1:

First, grab the edge or side of the tape with your fingers very close together (index fingers and thumbs.)

If they're not close together, the tape will stretch and become tougher, making it very difficult to tear.



Then, twist the tape (rotating one or both of your hands,) and it will come apart. Don't try to pull it apart. Just twist it. If your fingers are close enough together, it will tear very easily. If they're too far apart, the tape will stretch. (Note: If you stretch the tape instead of tearing it, try using the other side of the tape, or pull the tape out some more and try the tactic again in a different spot.) -       Basically the tearing of the tape occurs between the fingernail of the right thumb and the side of the left forefinger, working like scissors. The smaller the distance between the thumb fingernail and the left forefinger side, the easier it will be to tear or cut the tape.

-       Don't cut the fingernail on your right thumb too short. If it is too short, the tape will always be pressing the skin of the thumb against the fingernail, and after a long day of packing or wrapping, that would make it sore or raw.

-       It may be to your advantage to learn how to tear the tape with your left and right thumbs. That way you can tear the tape more easily no matter where it’s at. For example, if it’s on the left side of a mirror carton, it may be easier to use your left thumbnail instead of your right.

Method #2:

This method is a bit messier, but it’s easier than the first one.

First, fold the sticky side of the tape back on itself so that the two sides get stuck together.  Then, you pull it apart very quickly. This simple tactic often successfully tears regular packing tape.

-       Tip: Since it is so easy to forget where you put it once you set it down, put the packing tape in a convenient spot, or keep it on your wrist.