What we do every day is our norm, and the following reminds us that what we do every day is important to our customers:

"NYC 8:00 a.m. – the temperature is already at 89 degrees, expected to go to 105 degrees by noon. The air is so thick that you don’t breathe it; you chew it. The anxiety and stress levels are at their maximum and pushing the edges of the envelope – its moving day !

My eighty-five year old mother is moving out of her house in Queens NY to the Upper East Side of Manhattan. She has not slept for the anticipation. She is pacing the floor surrounded by boxes and chaos. She is leaving her home of fifty-five years. She is leaving behind a lifetime of memories – and it’s getting hotter by the minute.

And then, we see it, lumbering down the street, an orange behemoth making for the house; with three smiling faces peering from inside the windshield. The movers are here! Reliable Van & Storage is here! - On time and ready to work. Instantly, a massive weight is lifted off our chest … and the game is afoot.

Richie, the team leader, hops out of the truck and introduces himself and his well-groomed, clean and uniformed team to my mother. He immediately put mother at ease by insisting that she not worry, that everything is in good hands and they will take care of all her concerns and worries. A quick survey of the house and they start loading the well-appointed Reliable Allied truck. The sweat is running, the oppressive heat and humidity make the steps seem longer and steeper and the lightest of boxes becomes heavier; but the men keep working without an iota of complaint. Everyone knows what to do, and they do it efficiently and quickly like a well-rehearsed ballet. No excuses, no slacking, no complaining; just a pure, smooth performance. The team wraps the furniture, packs the lamps and even wraps the vacuum and broom. Richie, smiles and talks soothingly to mother. She is now very much at ease and feeling much better.

A case of bottled water later, sweat soaked hand towels and what seems like only a minute, they are loaded and off to Manhattan; where they will unload and complete the move - just another day for the Reliable team. Mother is off to Manhattan too, but not just another day for her, she is there to begin her new life.

The team arrives at Mother’s new apartment. The sidewalks are as hot as a radiator in the middle of a January blizzard; discarded chewing on the sidewalk liquefies - the temperature is 105 degrees.  The Reliable team arrives on time and begins to unload. Furniture and boxes move along the sidewalk like a caravan through the desert, methodically and rhythmically, down a long hall, up the service elevator and into Mother’s new apartment. Once again the Reliable team performs professionally, quickly, efficiently, without complaint or hesitation. The team assembles the bed and tables, help mother with the essentials and take away any empty boxes and packing paper ready for the trash…. and then, “poof”, just like that, it’s all over and they are gone.

I want to thank Reliable Van and Storage, Richie and his team for greatly abating the anxiety of an eighty-five year old woman and making what would have been a very difficult day, an easy-going, effortless experience.

It has been proven that moving creates the same trauma and anxiety levels as a death in the family. So please, for your next move, use Reliable Van & Storage and don’t be a slave to the lowest price, lofty promises or the prettiest web sites. It’s just not worth your mental well-being.

It may have been the hottest day of the year in NYC, but Reliable Van & Storage, Richie and his team were very, very cool !" Jake Lambroza