There are some items that require special packing and handling, items that moving companies will not move if they are not properly prepared. Even if you're moving yourself, you may want to take extra care in packing certain items, especially if you're moving long distance.


1. Dangerous Goods. Any material that is flammable, corrosive or explosive is hazardous and illegal to move. If you have dangerous goods, call your local recycling pickup service, fire station or the closest Environmental Protection Agency office to find out how to properly dispose of these items:  acid, heating agents (such as Sterno), darkroom chemicals, pesticides, motor oil, gasoline, charcoal, lighter fluid, fertilizer, paints, paint thinner, auto batteries, matches, nail polish, nail polish remover, ammunition, loaded weapons, liquid bleach, aerosols, kerosene, pool chemicals, chemistry sets, fireworks, lamp oil, ammonia, weed killer, propane, and cleaning fluid.


2.   Perishables. It may be sensible to throw away or donate your perishables such as frozen/refrigerated food items, produce, and open food items. If you’re moving long distance, dispose of all perishables and find a new home for your plants. If you're moving household and outdoor plants, make sure they are properly packed and stored. If your move is local, proper packing and storage can enable you to take perishables with you. Just be careful with meat, eggs and dairy products. These items may spoil even if kept in colder temperatures. Remember, Reliable Van & Storage is part of the Move For Hunger program, and we will transport all perishables to a local food bank at no extra cost to you.


3.  Items of High-Value. “High-value” doesn't inevitably mean it has a high price value; rather, it refers to a sentimental or "can't live without" item. Keep these high-value objects with you on moving day instead of packing them in the moving truck. Here are some examples: personal files (marriage license, passport, birth certificate, wills, insurance papers, etc), home movies or personal video tapes, address books, flight tickets, financial statements and documents, photos, keys, deeds, prescription medication, tax records, school records, jewelry, collections (art, coins, stamps, etc), check books, computer software and back up discs, stocks and securities, and children’s artwork.


For Reliable Van & Storage, safety is key. Proper planning and exclusion of dangerous items during the packing process will help make moving a more rewarding experience.