Our innovative idea to keep drivers well informed and current on all required DOT documents via drop box won the “Best Practice” award at the East Coast Allied Agent CEO Forum earlier this month.

Here’s how it works. Each driver is set up with his own drop box file, and only the driver can access his own folder. The driver’s folder contains all necessary DOT documents. For example, it includes permits, licenses, leases, registrations, and other vital records. This information is accessible to the driver whenever and wherever he needs it. Also, each document lists its expiration date. This format serves as a reminder to the driver to renew whatever needs to be renewed on time. Our dispatcher maintains these drop boxes on a regular basis, uploading renewed documents and removing the expired ones from each driver’s file. Other information such as new DOT press releases are also uploaded to each driver’s electronic file to keep them up-to-date with DOT laws and regulations.

As an added provision, we keep the below form in each driver’s electronic file; we also send out a hard copy to each driver every quarter.


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