So you've been living in your new home for a few days now, all the boxes are unpacked and everything is put away. That's when you realize that your still not getting that "homey" feeling. Here are a few budget-friendly tips that are sure to make your new house much cozier and more inviting. 

1. Whatever you do, set up your bedding first. From the sheets to the pillows, you'll want to make sure everyone is cozy in their beds. For those of us on a budget, take a trip to your local Wal-Mart. For under $50, you can purchase a solid print comforter and a few decorative pillows. 

2. Add seating to your bedroom. This gives the room a lounge-like appeal that will tempt you to curl up with a book.You can find affordable vintage leather seating at places like thrift stores and flea markets.

3. Try hanging curtains all the way across a wall. it will add visual interest, and the bulk of material will create a cozy effect. Ikea has endless curtain options starting at just $10 per pair, so you can buy plenty of panels to reach across a wall. 

4.Incorporate string lights into a space. If you use copper wire string lights, the glitzy wire increases the shimmery effect.

 5. Arrange your bathroom. Being that you probably start your day in the bathroom, your daily routine will run more smoothly once this part of your home is organized. This small space can be decorated easily and leave you with a sense of accomplishment. Start with a great floor mat, some pretty towels and finish off with a fabulous shower curtain.  

6. Unpack your favorite pieces and place them around your home. there are so many ways to display family photos, using them as decor is not only inexpensive, but it helps create that "homey" feel. Fill up the little corners of all the nooks and shelves in your home. Decorative vases and books are perfect for styling shelves throughout your space. 

7. An accessory like a throw blanket is a great way to adjust to seasonal design without fully committing. You can also put your blankets on display; this not only makes the blankets more accessible, but they also add decor  to your living room area. If you are feeling creative, utilize a ladder to act as your blanket vessel. 

8. Odds are you won't have time to paint your entire home, so choose an accent wall to spruce up your space. If you are feeling artsy, add some stripes. Once you are settled and start to pain the remainder of the house, try using a dark and dramatic color. Dark colors such as charcoal grey or chocolate brown make the living space much more cozy and welcoming. Just be sure to add pops of metallic and white to keep it from feeling too heavy. 

9. Fresh flowers and candles are great ways to establish a friendly and warm environment...not to mention, they are great ways to disguise that fresh paint smell!

10. Area rugs immediately make a room feel and look finished. 

You can even layer area rugs in the bedroom; this trend is becoming more and more popular.