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Numerous moving companies operate within the United States. Thousands of moving companies are available across the nation. We can see a high number of family-run moving companies in counties and small towns. The people that live in small towns prefer the personal element in moving companies. However, many people deal with the daunting task of finding good and able movers. The best option is to tap the renowned moving companies in the countryWell-known companies exist.

The best providers do not only handle one of the best companies; they also insure and license the shipment in case some form of damage occurs.

1. Allied Van Lines

Allied Van Lines has gained its reputation, and started its online journey seven years ago, in 2009. The head office is in Texas and is one of the largest moving companies across the globe. The company has been in the game for more than 85 years, and that gives them an edge over many other start-ups. The one special element about this company its Global appeal, and availability in countries other than the U.S.A.

2. Mayflower Transit

Mayflower Transit has been active for more than 80 years. The company has been active across the nation since 1927. The excellence in services and the price range is the main highlight when hiring the services. More than 500 agents are available. The service is available at more than 650 locations. The primary services provided are the standard packaging techniques, for cargo, and safe packing services. Mayflower also offers inventories and innovative technologies. Also, it offers online accessibility to tracking and claiming processes.

3. United Van Lines

United Van Lines is one of the largest moving companies in America today and has gained the third spot on the list. The headquarters are in Fenton, Missouri. Also, the company has a broad range of services for movers with more than 400 agents available across the nation. The company has mastered the relocation services. The many options include moving containers, full-service moving, storage services, corporate relocations, and also international moving.

4. North American Moving Services

North American moving services, is an internationally recognized moving service. The service is known in areas other than the North American region, contrary to what the title suggests. The representatives are abundant in every state across America and are also available in more than 175 countries across the globe. The many customers that have hired their services stand by the service quality offered. The North American crew is the most promoted, and accepted ones in the nation. Many clients that have hired the team re-hire the service provider time and again.

5. Arpin Van Lines

Airpin Van Lines is a private service provider company. The company has been active in providing global and domestic storage and moving services.  The company is placed under the Arpin Group and contains its headquarters in Rhode Island. Also, it has over 330 agents within the United States. Various centers exist across the globe, and that are concerned with strategic services’ provision. The company has been in the service industry for more than 100 years, and the dedication, expertise, and passion they show for the job is worth mentioning.

6. Wheaton Worldwide Moving

The company started their business in 1945. They led their first moving order from Ohio to Michigan which resulted in the branching of the business. The company has hereto forth grown bigger in their business dealings. The company has made a global impact and contained more than 250 agents worldwide. 4000 employees work across 52 nations. Their services have shown a proven track record, and they are also striving to go green, and reduce the impact many tools have in the environment.

7. Bekins

The last moving company on our list is Bekons. It is a relatively new company. John and Martin found it in Indianapolis. It only contained 12 employees and three horse-drawn carriages. They are one of the bigger movers in the nation. They handle around 250 locations in the United States. The primary specialties they have are the goods and the innovations they offer.

It is always a good idea to hire professional services in case cross-state services are needed. For everyone involved, moving is a hard job; may it be the household members or the movers. However, professionals have more experience. The U.S. Census Bureau also estimated that we move an average of 12 times in one lifetime.