As we approach the middle of winter, we want to share a few tips to make sure your move goes as smooth as possible, even in bad weather.

Keep checking the weather.

Cover your floors.- With snow and ice, covering your floors make it easier to not only protect your floors but also keep your house clean. 

Keep your pets out of the house. - It’s very difficult for the movers when your pet is under their feet. Check local boarders and kennels for heated runs, heated floors, and one or two day discounted rates, or if they can stay with a friend or relative for the day. Make sure the fur babies are taken care of before the day of the move.

Clear the sidewalks, driveways, and street.

Check the utilities at the new house. -Make sure that all of the utilities at your new home are turned on and actually working before you start moving. We recommend getting everything turned on about two days before your move.

Check the snowplow schedule.- Make sure you have parking available that’s not on the plow route or leave yourself enough time to forge a path to the house.

Have sheets, towels, and blankets on hand.- If you’ve already started your move and the weather starts to change, having some extra sheets or blankets near the front door will help the movers protect anything from getting wet or damaged that wouldn’t normally be covered up.

Warm up your insides.-Keep a Crockpot of hot chocolate or another hot beverage heating in the kitchen – for you and the movers.

Double pack fragile items.- Many things that are delicate become even more so in cold weather. Try and double packing your fragile items so they’re less likely to break while moving. Any items that can be damaged by cold weather should not be packed in the truck. The truck may sit out overnight, which could cause more damage.

Keep winter essentials with you.- Make sure your warm clothing, coats, snow boots, hats, gloves, scarves, and a handful of cozy quilts also make it into the car.

Be flexible - While it’s already really frustrating and stressful to move in the winter, winter weather only adds to the number of possible complications. Your movers can’t control the weather, so bare with them, and listen to their concerns – if the roads are icy, it’s safer to delay the move a little than risk your possessions and people’s lives.

Confirm date with your mover.- Because it’s our slow season, getting a wider range of open dates is to your advantage, because weather can be unpredictable, make sure you confirm your move the day before.