If you’re considering moving sometime in the next year, moving over the summer can seem like a no-brainer. The kids are off from school, and you’re likely to have at least a few days off for vacation yourself. In fact, the summer could actually be the ideal time for a household relocation. Or is it?

The answer to the question is maybe. If your moving dates are inflexible, or if you’re literally unable to spare the time to move at any other time of the year—summer can indeed be the best time for planning your vacation. However, many people are unaware that there’s a high season for relocation in the United States. Moving during this peak season—a time period which lasts the duration of the summer—can also mean higher fees, more problems with booking qualified moving companies, and issues securing housing and other difficulties during the relocation process.

At Reliable Van & Storage, we’ve been helping our customers plan relocations for their residential and commercial needs for over 85 years. We know how important organizing a move can be, and what the right timing can do to make your moving experience a success. In this article, our experts at Reliable Van & Storage will share our favorite tips for planning an off-season move, and why doing so can help you achieve a smoother and more enjoyable relocation.

What Are the Benefits of an Off-Season Move?

It’s estimated that somewhere between 60-70% of households moving during the year make their moves over the summertime. This means that during the peak moving season, moving companies are extremely busy. In fact, most reputable moving companies are booked all day, every day—and have been for months in advance. This can make it incredibly difficult to schedule a move on the dates you want, which can be stressful when you’re dealing with the requirements of your everyday life.

During the off-season, things are much calmer. Even things like moving supplies are cheaper and more available, and moving rates are lower off-season. If you’re able to plan your move around peak season, it will probably make things easier for you. If your only option is a summer move, however, don’t panic—planning well in advance will make a huge difference between a stress-free move and a chaotic one.

Set the Date: Anything Before May and After September

The peak moving season starts in Mid-May, officially kicking off on Memorial Day weekend, and lasts until Labor Day weekend in early September. Planning your move for before or after this block of time is considered off-season, so it’s worth it to aim for those dates if you’re able to.

For best results and the lowest rates, begin contacting moving companies a few months in advance. Getting started with the process as early as possible will allow you to shop around and choose the best dates for your move, while also finding the best possible process and services available.

Timing is Everything

One of the best ways to stay on track for your move is to create a moving calendar. A moving calendar should include important dates, tasks, and a timeline that puts you on the right path towards moving on-time and in an organized fashion. Once you have a moving date set, write down what you plan to accomplish each week leading up to moving day. If possible, choose a moving company that offers personalized consultations and free pricing estimates. During this initial consultation, you’ll be able to ask your moving coordinator questions that will help you create the most effective moving timeline that you can.

A moving plan and moving calendar are essential tools that will help you keep from leaving everything until the last minute. Staying focused and completing tasks on time will help you to better plan your moving experience, and avoid delays that could force you to relocate during peak season or another inconvenient time.

Streamline Your Packing Process

Packing can be notoriously difficult and time-consuming. Most homeowners tend to underestimate the amount of time it will take them to pack their belongings, resulting in delays, frustration, and often added costs. Just like everything else in the moving process, packing takes careful planning and organization. Don’t attempt to pack at the last minute—this never ends well. Instead, create a detailed inventory list, and plan your packing process over the course of a few weeks or longer for the best results.

Professional Relocation Services Throughout the Year

Reliable Van & Storage is a family-owned and operated business and a valued agent of Allied Van Lines. We’re proud to offer exceptional moving and storage solutions for our customers throughout the year—whether it’s peak season, off-season, the holiday season—or at any other time you need us.

If you’re searching for the best moving services for your relocation needs, let us know. Our expert moving coordinators would be happy to help you organize the perfect moving experience, whether you’re relocating locally, long-distance, or to an international location. For more information, give us a call to speak with one of our representatives, or fill out our online form to meet with a coordinator for a free, in-home moving estimate and consultation.