Moving Tips: How To Pack Jewelry

Moving can be challenging in so many ways, and one thing that causes a lot of stress is having to worry about all of your precious belongings.  Among the many items that aren’t so easy to pack is your jewelry. Did you know that most moving companies do not insure your jewelry? This means that it's up to you to safely pack and transport these items to your new home.  All jewelry should be packed separately from the goods on the moving truck and taken with you as you travel to your destination. 

Here are some tips on how to organize and pack up your jewelry.

Use an egg carton. If you don’t have a jewelry box, this is a great alternative to store your jewelry.

 Earrings: Fit them neatly into the pockets of the egg carton, and keep the sets together. (You can also put smaller pairs on buttons to keep them together in a jewelry box, or in zip-lock bags.)

Necklaces: It’s especially useful to pack chains yourself; store them separately to avoid tangling and knots. Hang larger necklaces on empty toilet paper rolls, wrap them in tissue paper, and place them into zip-lock bags.

Bracelets: Most bracelets can fit inside the pockets of the egg carton. (Large bulky bracelets, like bangles, can be easily packed by wrapping them individually in tissue paper and storing them in zip-lock bags. 

Rings: More than one can fit in the pockets of the egg carton.

Make sure to place cotton batting, or fabric strips over the jewelry to keep it from shaking around, then secure the carton with packing tape. If you put them in larger boxes it’s a good idea to pack them in between clothing or towels.