The change of moving to a new home for the elderly can be quite challenging, but these tips will for sure help ease the process. 

Make sure to note the accessibility and location of important amenities.  As a senior, there are a few factors to consider when planning a move, including access to health care, recreation, social activities and other practical concerns. You must consider these things before the move. 

Involve your elder in the planning process. Talk to him or her, providing an opportunity to ask questions and discuss his or her concerns. Honor the individual’s preferences and try to allow him or her to maintain control.

Be extra kind. When helping to sort and pack your older family member’s belongings, keep in mind that their eyesight and an inability to do everything they used to do can result in poor housekeeping habits. Instead of commenting, offer to clean as you pack and try not to criticize. Your elder may not hear or move as fast as you do, so have patience. Keep in mind that this process takes a lot more energy for them than it does for you.

Start small. Take a day to spend with your elder to talk about the move and what to expect. Give him or her small tasks to do such as going through a desk drawer or a box from the attic. Tell your elder to spend only 15 to 20 minutes a day on one task. Let your elder decide what he or she would like to do and what they might find hard to do. Taking small steps helps seniors get used to the idea of moving.

Take pictures of the inside of their current home. This way you can make the new home resemble (as much as possible) the old home. Try to place objects in the new home in a similar fashion to the set up of the old home. Be as detailed as you can, from arranging the bedroom furniture to placing the family pictures on the bureau. This will help make the new place feel like home.

Be patient. Give your elder time to say goodbye to the old home. Let him or her share memories about the old home with you, and don’t leave the new home until you are sure that your elder feels comfortable and will be able to adjust to the transition as easily as possible. 

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