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Toms River, NJ; January 9, 2020, 2019 – Moving can be very stressful, so be prepared and organized. Sort what you need and donate or trash what’s not needed. Start packing in advance. Consumers should select movers that will come to your home to provide a written estimate. Don’t accept prices by phone or online.

Is a license required? All movers must be licensed and properly insured to protect consumers. You can verify if movers are licensed in NJ at our website. Visit the mover’s facility if you are putting your furniture in storage. Each mover should provide required moving brochures, depending if you are moving local or long distance. When checking reviews, look for a high number of favorable reviews.

How can I get an accurate estimate?Make a list of all items that to be moved, and what items you want the mover to pack such as large pictures, mirrors, TV’s or electronics. Be sure each mover has the same list of items written on the estimate and survey. If you packed or disposed any of those items before the move, request a revised estimate if it was binding. Beware of low-ball prices from unlicensed operators that they may not honor. Realize that regardless who you hire, final charges can be higher, and you will have to pay all lawful charges.

Can movers change a Binding estimate? Yes, any changes to the contract can change the cost of a binding estimate. Moving includes only the services and items listed. Additional charges may be incurred for added services not included such as, waiting time, long carry to the home, packing, rearranging furniture, or storage. Movers normally require cash or certified funds must be paid before unloading, unless other payment terms are in the contract. Have additional money available.

What is included for loss or damage?All movers must include for no cost coverage of $1.00 per lb. per article for moving within NJ, or $0.60 per lb. when moving out of state; that’s not insurance, it’s only their legal liability and it’s not enough to cover most items; consider purchasing actual insurance from a mover or other agent. Owner packed boxes are not covered by insurance or legal liability.

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The New Jersey Warehousemen and Movers Association, formed in 1969 to offer support and training for movers, also promotes consumer protection. To be a member of NJWMA, movers must be licensed and agree to our Code of Ethics. Visit our website at or call us at (732) 341-3934