March 21, 2020

Notice to all Licensed New Jersey Movers:

We have been notified by the Governor's office that movers are NOT subject to the Executive

Order of non-essential businesses. It is not included in the printed order, but we have been

notified and he verbally stated in his television address today that transportation services are

essential services.

This means Movers CAN continue to operate using COVID-19 safety precautions as we

formally advised.

The Governor’s office suggested you print out this letter and put a copy in each of your trucks.

The below statement comes directly from the Governors office:

“Movers are included by virtue of clarification of the governor’s office. Print this out and give to your members. Since movers are not a retail operation, you will not fit into the closures to be announced by the Governor. And since that is the case, you should print out the governor's executive order when it is available online at our website and give it to all your drivers so they can prove they are essential."

In the event that any of your vehicles are questioned by any law enforcement they should follow

all legal directions given by the officers. If there are any questions, please contact our office.

Stay Healthy,

Bob Russo, Executive Director

Tracy Denora, Executive Administrator