Download the Checklist here  !   RVS MOVING CHECKLIST

Please take these items into consideration while still at your old location:

·  Ž  Arrange for a quality and professional moving company

·  Ž  Take inventory of household goods

·  Ž  Clean out closets & garage

·  Ž  Send draperies and rugs to cleaners in time for packing with other goods


Call your landlord or the following to have services turned off:

·  Ž  Water company

·  Ž  Electric company

·  Ž  Gas / oil company

·  Ž  Telephone / Cable company

·  Ž  Newspaper Delivery

Notify the post office of new address and send change of address cards to:

·  Ž  Bank and/ or Brokerage Firm

·  Ž  Notify Life Insurance Company of address change

·  Ž  Credit / loan companies

·  Ž  Subscriptions

·  Ž  Friends and Relatives

Take care of household and personal business:

·  Ž  Pick up any clothing from cleaners

·  Ž  Empty safe deposit box

·  Ž  Arrange for banking in new location

·  Ž  Arrange for your child’s school to transfer records

Ask your dentist & doctor for recommendations of practices at new location & have records forwarded to that practice:

- General Dentist_____________________________

- Orthodontist________________________________

- General Practitioner__________________________

- Pediatrician_________________________________

- Specialists__________________________________

- Other_______________________________________

Obtain Veterinarian records & ask for recommendation of new veterinarian

- Vet Recommendation_____________________________

·  Ž  Have appliances serviced for moving (if applicable)

·  Ž  Transfer Church, Synagogue, Club, Civic organization memberships;

Make travel arrangements:

·  Ž  Flight

·  Ž  Hotel reservations

·  Ž  Arrange for transportation of pets

·  Ž  Car rental

·  Ž  Plan an auto route

·  Ž  Let a family member or friend know all of your plans

·  Ž  Check closets, attic, basement crawl space & all rooms to be sure they are empty

·  Ž  Leave current home or apartment in a clean condition

Before arriving at new location:

Arrange for utility services in new home:

·  Ž  Water Company

·  Ž  Electric company

·  Ž  Gas / oil company

·  Ž  Telephone / TV company

Ask landlord, previous tenant or real estate agent for recommendations for repair services.

- Plumber ______________________________

- Electrician_____________________________

Once arrived at new location:

·  Ž  Order local newspapers

·  Ž  Meet your neighbors (write down their names)

·  Ž  Get recommendations for babysitters, nanny agencies etc.

·  Ž  Join Newcomers club

·  Ž  Put valuables into new bank safe deposit box

·  Ž  Call new school to set up a meeting between you and the principal

·  Ž  Contact new Dentist & Doctors to arrange for medical records to be sent

·  Ž  Arrange for new registration of cars and pets

·  Ž  Obtain new Drivers license if you moved to a new state

*If at any time you need assistance please contact your relocation consultant.