Texas has several medical centers and districts scattered throughout the state. Over the past few years, companies from all over the country have brought their operations to the Lone Star State—the medical industry is no exception.

This shift has turned Texas into an attractive home for individuals pursuing a medical career. With heavy concentrations of hospitals and research facilities, Texas hosts a breadth of work and educational opportunities for anyone in the medical field.

If you’re a medical professional looking for a brand new start in a warmer climate than New Jersey, consider moving down south to Texas. 

Houston Medical Careers

One of the biggest medical centers in the country is located right in the heart of Houston. The Texas Medical Center hosts a variety of medical institutions, including the world’s largest children’s hospital as well as the world’s largest cancer hospital. Moving to Houston is a smart move for pediatricians and oncologists. 

The TMC has a total of 54 medicine-related institutions that range from hospitals to academic and research institutions. These institutions serve the nursing, public-health, and pharmaceutical industries.

Dallas Medical Careers

Moving to Dallas from New Jersey is also a great option for medical professionals. The Southwestern Medical District has several research and educational institutions as well as clinics that employ more than 35,000 people. 

Around 3 million patients visit the district every year for pediatric and geriatric care. The Southwestern Medical District is also known for its emergency care services and heart transplants.

San Antonio Medical Careers

The Bexar County Hospital District is located in San Antonio and consists of 900 acres of medical facilities. Serving a total of 38 counties, the San Antonio Medical Center hosts separate nursing, medical, and dental schools as well as 12 hospitals and five specialty institutions. Moving from New Jersey to San Antonio is a great move for anyone interested in studying medicine. 

Long-Distance Moving to Texas

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