Every day you make subtle changes to your lifestyle in an effort to be a little more environmentally friendly. And then it comes time to move to a new home and you suddenly realize how much those big moving trucks pollute the environment. Expert New Jersey long-distance movers understand your concerns. While electric moving trucks aren’t available yet, residential movers in New Jersey have a few tips to add some sustainability to your move.

How Moving Companies Help Green your Routine

Long-distance moving companies are making strides at adding sustainability into the process of moving. While it’s hard to get around the carbon-fuel-based trucks that do the heavy lifting when it comes to transporting your belongings, some companies are making a conscious effort to combine smaller moves to limit the number of trips each truck makes.

Additionally, New Jersey long-distance movers with an eye on environmentally friendly practices are also making reusable moving supplies available. These supplies include reusable wardrobe boxes and wood crates instead of single-use boxes and blankets instead of plastic wrap.

Other ways moving companies can demonstrate their commitment to being eco-friendly include:

  • Renewable Energy: Powering their offices and warehouses with green energy sources.
  • Recycling: Intentional use of recycled office supplies and active recycling program for packing materials.
  • Cleaning Supplies: Green label cleaning supplies used in the moving trucks and office.
  • Automotive Service: Use of synthetic motor oil instead of petroleum-based oil.

How You Can Add Sustainability to Your Next Move

Making your move environmentally friendly begins at home. Start by disposing of paint, oil, gas, and household chemicals using EPA-approved methods to keep them out of the local water supply. Recycle your unwanted electronics. And make an intentional effort to reduce the number of belongings you will move to your new home.

A garage sale can be a good start. But beyond what the neighborhood bargain hunters can pilfer, consider donating clothing and household items, non-perishable food, and old technology using appropriate outlets. And as you begin to pack your belongings, start with reusable totes instead of cardboard boxes and towels and blankets instead of foam sheets and plastic wraps.

And when you begin looking for a mover, keep in mind that some companies offer optional, environmentally friendly services. Check their website for a statement about their environmental stewardship or call their offices to inquire about their practices. If the employees are unaware of any programs, the company probably doesn’t have any that aren’t just for show! There are some residential movers in New Jersey that are willing and able to help you meet your goals.

Make Your Move More Eco-Friendly with Reliable Van & Storage in New Jersey

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