Moving to a new location is a great idea but often comes with increased levels of stress, especially without the services of trained home movers. Also, you’d come across a number of items you no longer need. Those unwanted clothing, old appliances, electronics, and toys can find a new home in well-meaning places across New Jersey and beyond. It’s not quite easy locating such places, but with these suggestions below, you can donate such items without plaguing the environment.

Places to Donate Unwanted Items in New Jersey

1. Salvation Army

The Salvation Army has a plethora of stores across the United States. They are called the Salvation Army’s Family Stores. All the funds generated from the Family Stores are used for the Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Centers. These Centers are designed to help those suffering from various social ills. The items you can donate to the Salvation Army include clothing, furniture, automobiles, household goods and appliances. You can use their drop-off location in New Jersey before your relocation.

2. Habitat for Humanity Restore

You can donate your household goods to Habitat for Humanity Restore in New Jersey. The Restores sell new and gently-used furniture, home accessories, building materials, and appliances. You can even donate large pieces of furniture like chairs, couches, and dining tables to the Restore near you. Habitat for Humanity will also pick up your belongings without charges. Call them to set up an appointment before your New Jersey long-distance movers show up.

3. Furniture Bank Network

The Furniture Bank may have begun in the United States, but it has spread over other locations in North America. As a nonprofit, there’s hardly a better place you can donate your gently-used furniture in New Jersey before hitting the road for your home relocation. When you consider the size of some of your unwanted furniture, you’ll realize they’re better donated to places that value them than dumped in landfills.

When you donate to the Furniture Bank, families that don’t have chairs and other furniture will benefit from your kind gesture. It’s the perfect thing to do before engaging a residential mover in New Jersey.

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Those unwanted items in your home could light up another home where they’re desperately needed. That’s why these suggestions above are better than thrashing gently-used furniture and household items. Also, you can enjoy seamless relocation when you hire the best moving and storage company in New Jersey. Reliable Van & Storage is the most preferred residential moving company with many years of industry experience and affiliation with Allied Van Lines.

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