If you have ever moved in the summer months you know how strenuous it can be on your body and your mind. At Reliable Van and Storage, we have six quick and easy tips to help our do it yourself movers succeed. With over 27 years of experience, we have tried and tested each tip, knowing that it will make a huge difference during your warm weather move.

1. Arrange for Children/Pets to Have Care Outside the Home

Having pets or small children running around while you are trying to move heavy items is not safe. Doors are often left open while moving which can lead to a pet or child being let outside without someone's knowledge. This can also lead to your home's temperature not being properly regulated making your pets and children uncomfortable. It is best to arrange for your children or pets to go to someone else's home during the moving process.

2. Service Your Vehicle Before Your Move

Getting stuck with a car full of your valuable items on the side of the road is not pleasant or safe. If you can check your oil and AC coolant yourself that is great, but most people need to take their cars to get serviced before deciding to become do it yourself long-distance movers. It is important to have a profession check your car to make sure it is not going to overheat during your trip. 

3. Wear Protective but Comfortable Clothing

Wearing breathable clothing that can help with the moisture your body creates from the heat during a move is important. We often suggest our residential movers at Reliable Van and Storage wear clothing made from cotton or sports apparel made to withstand the heat. However, it is also important not to compromise your safety during any move. We suggest you wear closed-toed shoes to protect from stubbing your toe or accidental droppage. We also suggest you wear good gripping gloves to minimize any items dropping from sweaty hands.  

4. Attempt to Keep the Home Comfortable During Your Move

It is hard for your air conditioning to keep your home comfortable while the doors are open. During the warmer months we suggest you run fans to help keep the house cool. Opening windows can also help the indoor temperature. If there is a slight breeze outside, you can strategically position your fans and windows to create some cross-ventilation. The more you can get the air to move while you're moving the better.

5. Always Have Water on Hand

Staying hydrated is important for any move, especially those that happen during the warmer months. As the home owner you can make sure everyone moving has their choice of room temperature or cold-water bottles. This will help keep everyone's energy up while they work. If you decide to hire professionals, we know that they love to have water options available for them too!

6. Do Not Overexert Yourself

Moving is considered manual labor. It is hard on everyone's body and becomes even more taxing during warm temperature moves. Make sure everyone helping you move takes breaks and has light snacks on hand to get through the day. If you are not sure heavy lifting is for you in the warm weather Reliable Van and Storage is here to help. Our full-service moving company would love to take the stress of the day off your hands. Call us today to receive your free no-obligations quote.