Every residential move is complicated, especially when you are long distance movers who are moving to a new location. One thing that can simplify your long-distance move, or any kind of residential move is to use a reliable and secure storage warehouse. Whether you are looking for long-term storage for those items you may never want to see again, but cannot part with; or you are looking for simple short-term storage, Reliable Van and Storage is here to help you with as little or as much of your moving storage needs.

When to Call Your Trusted Storage Company

As a residential mover you could have many obstacles in your way of a seamless move. Your residence may be smaller than your previous one. Moving from one area to the other brings big changes to the housing market. Your new home may not have room for your precious keepsakes. Thankfully Reliable Van and Storage has safe and secure storage options to keep your keepsakes safe long-term. 

You may also run into space issues if your new home needs renovations. There is no reason to unpack your new home before your renovations are complete. Your items may also be in danger in your home during renovations. Moving and storage companies can provide the perfect solution to this problem. You can have your items stored until renovations are completed and then you can pick them up, or your moving company's warehouse storage can professionally deliver them to your door. 

Another common issue we see with residential movers comes with home closing timelines. With how crazy the market acts your new home and old home closing times may not line up. You may not even have a new home chosen! This often leaves home owners with a moving van full of personal items and nowhere to put them. Renting a moving van for days or weeks is costly, but storing those items in a storage facility will keep your items secure at a cost-effective rate. 

What Benefits Does Warehouse Storage Bring?

When you work with a professional moving company's warehouse storage service you get top-quality options at an affordable price point. Warehouse storages are temperature controlled and each item is wrapped in padding or plastic to maintain its pristine condition. At Reliable Van & Storage we also provide small items with a secure wooden vault option for maximum security. All other items are protected by our theft-protection systems and fire systems. Even if you are looking for car or boat storage, we can help you! Call us today to get your free trusted storage quote.