All your belongings are packed away safely onto the moving truck, and the only thing left is to make the journey to your new home. Long-distance moves can come with unforeseen issues that may make your travels more complex than anticipated. It is impossible to guess when you can get hit with bad luck, but if you are adequately prepared, you can lessen the stress of the situation. We will discuss a few things that could occur during your long-distance move and the best ways to prepare for them. 

Preparing for High Gas Prices 

Currently, gas prices are through the roof, and long-distance traveling can hurt your wallet.  

It is best to start budgeting and saving for the pump in advance not to drain your accounts fueling up.  

Especially when dealing with moving trucks, they tend not to get the greatest gas mileage. You can also look into any fuel reward programs every gas station has. Many of them offer you rewards, like gas discounts that you can take advantage of. 

How to Prepare for Unexpected Delays 

If you choose to use a local moving company, there is a minute chance that you can arrive at your new home a few days before the moving trucks arrive. This can cause some significant headaches being separated from your belongings and necessities. You can pack a few things in your car to help alleviate some of that stress. Pack enough clothes that will last you for at least three days so you can have a rotation of clothes. Bring an air mattress as well; this will give you a place to sleep and help save you money from not having to use a hotel. Lastly, pack kitchen essentials like pots, pans, and other utensils. This will keep you from eating out every meal until your moving truck arrives. 

Preparing for Unexpected Emergencies 

You never know when an unexpected accident or tire blowout will occur, and it is always wise to travel with items that will help keep you safe. Always travel with a roadside emergency kit; these contain things that will keep you safe if you find yourself stranded on the side of the road. Keep a spare portable charging bank in your car; this will offer you a way to keep your phone charged when waiting on help to arrive.  

Look into roadside assistance subscriptions; companies like OnStar and AAA can assist you and help get you on the road quicker. Lastly, download your GPS coordinates and routes the night before. This way, if you lose your signal, you can still get your directions delivered, keeping you on the road with a safe route.   

How to Prepare for Unexpected Damages 

An excellent place to start is at the beginning of your packing. Ensure the protection of your belongings by packing your fragile items appropriately.  

Things like kitchen and glassware can be packed in specific dish pack boxes that offer thicker sides and extra protection. Use your packing material wisely, and always use your packing paper and bubble wrap.  

You could always hire the services of a professional moving company, like Reliable Van and Storage. These businesses can provide an experienced crew that is specifically trained to handle packing and moving, and they will pay close attention to detail and help load your items safely.   

Hopefully, these tips we discussed will keep you safe on your travels as you start the next chapter in your life. Hopefully, you won’t ever have to implement the more serious tips, but it is always better to be prepared. 

We Can Help with Your Next Move 

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