International Shipping Solutions in Elizabeth, NJ

Reliable Van & Storage wants to make sure your international relocation is successful and cost-efficient. Therefore, moving your international shipment may require several modes of transportation. Below is a description of some of the ways we can successfully transport your valued belongings.

Simple International Shipping Solutions in Elizabeth, NJ and the Surrounding Areas

  • Full Container Load (FCL)-Sole Use of a container
    This option ensures you that the container carries only your household goods. The container is ready for delivery from origin to departure, without the need for any further handling in your origin country. The advantage of this option is that it generally provides faster transit times because there tend to be no delays in waiting for other freight to fill up the container.
  • Less than Container Load (LCL)-Consignments
    This method is used when there is insufficient cargo to justify the use of an entire container. LCL consignments consolidate freight from different shippers to a common destination, into container loads. LCL requires goods to be created to ensure their protection during transit.
  • Groupage Service-Shared use of a container
    This service is for small shipments. This is when several individual shipments are consolidated into containers going to a common destination. While it is an economical alternative to LCL, transit times may be longer.

Typical transport time for a sea shipment is 6-8 weeks depending upon distance and origin and destination locations.

Air Shipments:

We also offer air shipments. This method is usually preferred for those who need some of their essential belongings delivered quicker. Shipping via air is generally more expensive than surface freight; however, arrival time is quicker and in some circumstances, it may prove to be more economical.

Air shipments generally take 14-30 days depending upon the distance that they travel.

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